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This page gives you information about treatment that you may receive at the Colposcopy Clinic.

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If the results of your colposcopy test show that you have abnormal cells on your cervix, sometimes these cells can develop into cancer. Having treatment will help stop them developing into cancer.

You can have your treatment in the Colposcopy Clinic. The treatment takes 20 minutes. The treatment is called a loop biopsy. It removes the cells on your cervix.

You will be sent an appointment to come to the Colposcopy Clinic for your treatment. You can have someone with you while you have your treatment.

The colposcopist will put a 'speculum' (a tool for investigating orifices of the body) inside your vagina, and look at your cervix using the colposcope. They will put some fluids on your cervix.

The Colposcopist will give you an injection to numb your cervix to stop the treatment from hurting you. The injection might sting.

The Colposcopist will ask you to be very still while they remove the cells on your cervix. They will remove the cells and send them to the laboratory.

Afterwards you will have some bleeding in your knickers, this is normal. Use a sanitary towel. If you have to use more than two sanitary towels in an hour tell the Colposcopy Clinic or your GP.

After the treatment you might get some pain in your tummy like period pain. This is normal. If the pain is very bad tell the Colposcopy Clinic or your GP.

You should only use sanitary towels and not tampons for one month after treatment.

You should not have sex for one month after treatment.

You should feel well enough to go home after the treatment.

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The Colposcopist will write to you after your treatment and let you know the results.

You will need to have a smear test within six months. You will receive a letter. This test can be done at your GP surgery.

It is very important that you go for your smear test; this is to make sure that your treatment has worked.

This smear will be tested for the human papilloma virus (HPV). This is called a test of cure smear.

If there is HPV in your smear sample this is nothing to worry about, but you will be invited back to Colposcopy.

If this virus is not seen, then you can have your next smear in three years time.

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If you have any questions about yout treatment, you can contact:

Women’s Health Unit
Level 2
New Victoria Wing
Royal Victoria Infirmary

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