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Thank you for Ward 16

I would really like to thank the staff at Freeman Hospital who were professional, throughout my overnight stay on 1st November 2013. I was amazed at the difference between regional hospitals and would urge managers of NHS trusts to try the 'Freeman Experience.'

As a patient I was treated with utmost respect from the young hospital porter who saw me waiting alone outside of the theatre and spent his time marvelling in the skill of the doctors, to the nurses on the day admissions ward and on ward 16. In fact I was astounded that the Anaesthetist visited me late in the evening on ward 16, and spent time explaining the sedation angle of the operation; on Saturday morning I was again surprised when the doctor came to the ward and briefed me upon the findings of my procedure. His 'out of hours' call, enabled me to leave the hospital, freeing up a bed and allowing me to return home for the weekend.

My treatment was exceptional and I was surprised not to hear patients derided by nurses or dismissed by doctors. I have never complained of the treatment I have received or witnessed previously, as I thought it was the norm. After this overnight stay I am now aware of what is available or indeed acceptable in the NHS.

Via NHS Choices

Patient thankyou letter for Ward 41, 43 and 52

On Monday 19th February, I had reason to call for some assistance at 3:40 am. Having no response from 0845 45 46 47 I called 999 for assistance. Response immediate! Excellent service, two paramedics arrived quietly before 4:00 am. After assessment treatment they advised me to be taken to hospital. This done, I was in Newcastle General before 4:50 am, whereupon I was treated to most efficient and informative care. Apparently I was to be transferred to the RVI as soon as a bed could be found – not easy at that time of day – no bother!

Arrived at RVI ward 41 about 1:00pm. All still top notch service – assessed at ward 41moved to 43 – same ward! Then moved to 52. All still very good. 

Everyone I encountered was courteous obliging, kind and gentle, whatever creed or colour, not being prejudiced. I (and my fellow patients) were amazed at the work rate of all and sundry – cleaners, doctors, ward assistants. All FAN-tastic. 

All aspects of my past life – history came back –all eeked out of me ever so carefully.

Now that I am 78 years young, I find that medical staff and policemen are getting younger and more efficient than ever.

Dr Chick informed me on my release of the things I must do, since I have now been found to have anaemia and must go back for further checks. 

I would like to thanks all those concerned in our welfare for everything they have done – or arranged to be done. Recently I had reason to complain (about lack of pharmacy). Well now it is a LOUD COMMENDATION. Thanks again.


Patient thankyou letter for Gastroenterology & Haematology

I wanted to write a short letter to express my thanks for the high levels of care I have received from some of your staff at the RVI during the treatment of my Ulcerative Colitis.

In particular I would like to say that the gastroenterology nurse Mandy Robinson has been extremely helpful, caring, supportive and informative with me and my condition. As I am only getting used to having UC it has been a great comfort to know that she is there to answer any questions and reassure me of any worries or problems I come across.

Likewise Dr Mansfield has also been extremely accommodating and supportive and has responded remarkably promptly to any enquiries I have made, not only this but he has also proved to be very positive about the future of my condition, which as I am sure you can imagine makes a great deal of difference when I am feeling a little negative!

Finally I would like to mention the ladies who work in the haematology department of the outpatients wing. As I have had to have blood taken on a weekly basis it has been a great relief and comfort to know that even on a Friday afternoon they will be there, and will be their usual bubbly, welcoming selves. Not only this but they also manage to take blood without causing any pain which I am sure you will appreciate is a great relief! 

If you are able to pass on my thanks to these members of staff I would be most grateful, as I can imagine that for many of them it is rare to be thanked as not many people want to be sat in hospital on a regular basis! Thank you for taking the time to address my letter and thank you for the excellent levels of care I have received and continue to receive from the NHS. 


Patient thankyou letter for Internal Medicine

My wife was referred to Dr Record, Gastroenterologist, in December 2006. She has been ill for 5-6 years and seen by many doctors who were unable to diagnose her condition. Dr Record quickly arranged for tests to be done and the problem was recognised. 

In this day and age everyone seems very quick to criticise the medical profession. I wanted to write and praise the treatment we have received from the RVI.

We were at the end of our tether at the point of referral to Dr Record but the courteous, encouraging manner in which we were treated lifted our spirits and hopes.

I would also like to praise Dr Record’s colleague, Dr Mardini, who also has been a tower of strength mixing her professionalism with an extremely friendly approach which put my wife at her ease.

My wife is slowly improving, we know we are not ‘out of the woods’ but we are very reassured by our treatment at the RVI. 


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 16

May I take this opportunity to bring to your attention, the excellent care my Uncle received as an in-patient, in your hospital.

He was admitted to the Freeman, on 1st August 2007, to Ward 16, here he received a very bad diagnosis and prognosis. He died of multiple Carcinoma, which has you can imagine was a terrific shock to all of his family. 

I cannot praise the care and attention he received from all of the staff on this ward, from Health Care Assistants to the Sister, everyone made his stay on the ward exceptional, nothing was a “bother” to them.

THANK YOU seems such a small word to convey how we all feel. 

I am a Nursing Sister, and work in an Intensive Care Unit, so I am fully aware of how tragic circumstances can devastate a family, but the staff of this ward, were so professional, but also very compassionate.

It seems all we hear is a negative press about the NHS these days. This ward, I feel, deserves the praise and respect from myself, and all of my Uncle’s relatives. (I am sure he would agree!!)

Please convey to the staff, our sincere thanks to each and everyone for their hard work and dedication, it did not go unnoticed. They are a credit to the Freeman Hospital and also the NHS. 


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 25

Brought in as an emergency, I was admitted to Ward 25 on Monday, 27th August, 2007 and discharged on Monday, 3 September. With the media full of adverse reports on NHS services I must write to you to express my appreciation of the care and attention that I received during that time.

Especially, I would like you to convey my gratitude to Sister Margaret Ward and all the staff of Ward 25. Everyone, from the ward cleaner upwards were so attentive and kind, as if they all sought only to make my stay as pleasant as possible in the circumstances.

Please convey my appreciation to them all, and of course, the Doctors who oversaw my stay. A team truly to be proud of!

Mrs JM

Patient thankyou letter for Ward 16

I was a patient on Ward 16 (Bay 6) from Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th July, under the care of Mr N Thompson.

Whilst I was there I had the most wonderful treatment from everyone I came into contact with, from Mr Thompson, doctors, nurses, caterers and domestic staff.

Everyone was so kind, helpful and cheerful.

I was particularly impressed by the level of cleanliness, because we have all read of the “horror” stories at the moment re: MRSA etc. My room was not only cleaned before I arrived but also had clean curtains etc. Every day it was cleaned very thoroughly.

I even thought the food was good, maybe because I didn’t have to cook it myself! Seriously though, it was very good decent nutritious food.

I would particularly like to thank Lorraine and Janice who were on nights whilst I was there, as they make a very good team, who have a lovely attitude. 

I hope I don’t have to see you soon (nothing personal), but if I do I know I will be in safe hands.

Would you please make sure that you extend my thanks to everyone concerned.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 16 FH

After a long period of care on Ward 16 at Freeman Hospital my mum sadly died on 30 October 2007. I, and my family wish to register with you and hope that you will recognise the wonderful care provided by all staff whilst on the ward.

In such a busy ward and in an environment seemingly only ever dominated with performance targets and frequent poor press the staff consistently provided mum with the highest standard of care. To observe at first hand their patience, tenderness and humanity was a humbling experience. It is one that they can be justly proud of and as Chief Executive of that hospital, one I encourage you to both observe and celebrate. The reality of this provision day in and day out, I feel is not recognised sufficiently widely enough and if I, in some small way can help to change that, I wish to do so. I hope you can join me in that.

Thanks again for the efforts of the staff.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 51

As a regular and frequent patient attending Ward 51 PIU, I am writing to you to place on record my thanks and appreciation of the immeasurable standard of care, treatment and support I have received from Sister Kim Johnson and her staff. In fact I am also writing on behalf of friends who have received care from this ward for a much longer period of time than I have.

Indeed, we began our journeys – which would culminate in our frequently necessary visits to Ward 51 – via the Bishop Ward in the Victoria Wing. Whilst we found the level of care and the standard of cleanliness to be exemplary there, we can both honestly say that they are equally well matched by those of Ward 51. My friend’s illness requires frequent monitoring and treatment and she regularly travels from Cumbria.

Perhaps in normal circumstances a letter of recognition such as this would most probably be sent at the end of a course of treatment. In our own particular cases, though under the care of excellent different consultants, our treatment on this ward is likely to be necessary for the foreseeable future. Hence we thought it appropriate to convey our thoughts to you at this time whilst not wishing to appear in any way sycophantic. Ours is a simple and shared philosophy of giving praise and credit where it is due.

We are continually impressed by the range of knowledge and expertise shared by the staff on this ward as well as the general atmosphere of camaraderie and team work. It would be unfair to single out individual nurses for praise – impossible, in fact, for they have all their own unique styles and skills which they bring to the team, and from which we believe that we and all patients benefit from. 

However, we do feel it appropriate to mention our admiration of the leadership of Sister Johnson and Senior Staff Nurse Trish Martin. For all of us there have been numerous occasions when nurses have said: “I’ll just go and get Kim”, “I think I need Kim to see this” or “I think I better ask Trish to help here”. This is certainly no reflection upon the nurses’ own skills, merely examples of their absolute confidence and trust in the sheer medical skill and knowledge of their seniors.

Unfortunately both my friend and I have long and complicated histories of surgical and medical procedures, resulting in unwanted but necessary experiences of several different hospitals and wards. Indeed, my friend herself is a former District Nursing Sister of many years experience and even more aware than most of the need for vigilance and communication in nursing care and ward hygiene. With this behind us it is no coincidence that we all feel – without doubt – that the treatment and care we receive on this most special of wards is of the very highest standard we have ever encountered. 

The shared high regard we all have for “our Ward 51” is, of course, in no way meant as being detrimental to the other wards and departments who have cared for us in the past. Again we can say unequivocally, that we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be treated and supported under the excellent auspices of the Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Hospital Trust at the RVI.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 13

Dear Ward 13 staff

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my dad when he was on your ward last week.

All the staff I met were helpful and whenever I heard nurses talking to any of the other people on the ward it was always patiently and as though they had nothing to do but attend to them at that moment. I know they are always busy but the nurses always gave the impression of having the time. This makes a great difference, probably especially with the older people.

I’d also like to say that the ward seemed very clean, tidy and unusually for hospitals, calm. 

We are safely back home now and we have been telling anyone who will listen that we got good care at all three hospitals Dad was in but that the Freeman was the best.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 16

My 86 year old mother has had two periods of nursing and medical care this year on Ward 16 in the Freeman Hospital – one in May for approximately one month, and then another from 14 August when she was seriously ill with pneumonia, and passed away in the evening of 21 August.

I could not speak more highly of all your staff on Ward 16, under Sister Hayley, who looked after my mother, not only very professionally, but with care, compassion and good humour. Her care on the ward was better than at any other time in her numerous hospital admissions after a series of strokes five years ago.

She came to know and like the staff, so essential when in her state. Often extremely busy (often overworked), the nursing staff were professional, polite and above all, nice! Even her visitors observed and commented to me the same to me on several occasions.

On the weekend that my mother’s health deteriorated I very much appreciated the advice, and time, in the early hours of the morning that Dr J Miller spent explaining my mother’s medical complications.

I must especially thank Dr Louw and his team. He has looked after my mother on three separate admissions. Knowing my mother’s case history was so beneficial for her, as she was hardly able to converse due to the strokes. Always dealing with her sensitively on a personal level, he is an excellent doctor.

I hope that you will pass on my thanks to your exceptional staff. 


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 46 RVI

I was a patient in Ward 46 of the RVI from Tuesday, 31st July to Thursday, 2nd August 2007 and I am writing to let you know the excellent care I received there both as an outpatient and in the ward.

Most of the staff who I met were professional and friendly and I was put at my ease in each department. Dr James, the endocrinologist, was superb and the scintigraphy and ultrasound teams were very efficient. Mr Bliss, the surgeon, and his team were brilliant and the lady anaesthetist, whose name I did not catch, was very pleasant and reassuring.

When I returned to the ward after surgery for a parathyroid adenoma, I was looked after very well by the nursing staff and the very professional attitude of the trainee nurses was also notable. The conduct of the theatre porters and ward cleaners was also exemplary and your trust obviously has an excellent training system.

One hears regular criticism of the National Health Service in the media and staff working in your hospitals must find this demoralising. I was employed in the NHS for many years until my retirement in 2000 and I have to say that it has improved beyond recognition in the past few years. Almost without exception the staff with whom I recently had contact were very caring and professional; you must be very proud of the impressive service your trust provides. 


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 25 NGH

To all the staff on Ward 25, NGH - From Cleaners to Consultants!

A “Thank You” will never be enough for the lovely, wonderful standards of care and kindness I’ve received, being nursed back on the road to recovery. 

All the support I’ve had, in some of my worst days, and darkest hours has really touched my heart.

From the light hearted humour, camaraderie, to my tears, fears and being a right old misery at times! The team was always there for me. Day or night, and it meant a lot.

I would also like to point out the excellent standard of cleanliness and hygiene is second to none, as the nursing is marvellous! You all deserve to be honoured with medals, for the marvellous work, tired never, ready ever!! And I hope people realise, and appreciate, if it wasn’t for the staff on the ward, some of them, including myself, wouldn’t be here today.

A huge hug, and heartfelt wishes to you all.

Our best for the future, to each and every one of you.

The nursing staff, ward sister and Mr Moody have a unit to be proud of. 


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 13

Doctors all the staff, Nurses and Domestics, Day and Night duty of Ward 13.

I would like to thank you all for the care and attention you afforded me during my recent stay under your care.

I am improving slowly but it is a very slow progress, however thank you once again for your kind care and attention.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 13

To all the staff on Ward 13 of the Freeman Hospital.

Elderly people and hospitals don’t go well together according to the media. In our situation we found that this was not the case at all.

We as a family would like to express our sincere gratitude for the care and devotion you all showed towards our relative.

From Doctors, Sisters, Nurses, Auxiliaries, to cleaning staff, everything that could be done, was done, for which we are eternally grateful. 

Can we also thank you for the understanding you showed to the family as far as visiting when our relative was coming to the end. Lots of things are taken for granted when visiting a hospital but only when you experience what we had to, do you appreciate how well you are treated.

Once again heartfelt thanks.

A pity no one puts the good things in the media.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 52

We would like to thank you and the nursing staff on ward 52, for your loving care, kindness and the dignity shown to our dear Mom.

You will never know how grateful we are for your understanding of our pain and grief when Mom was in your care. Although we were with her 24 hours a day for the last week of her life, prior to that it was a great relief to know that she was receiving such excellent care outside of visiting hours.

We were all very impressed with how quickly the nursing staff responded not only to our requests on behalf of Mom, but also to the other patients when they rang their nurse call bells. The nurses seemed to respond within one minute, very impressive.

We all feel that the standard of care on ward 52 emanates from the person in charge and in our case we felt this was you. The inspiration that one has to show in order to reach such a high standard of nursing should make you feel very proud. 

We will be forever indebted.


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