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Medicine Services

Acute (Emergency) Medicine

Contact: (0191) 282 6046 - Reception

Our acute medicine service provides specialist medical attention for patients who find themselves in need of immediate assessment for many conditions such as suspected stroke or overdose. The service is run from the Assessment Suite based at the RVI which is one of the largest emergency assessment units of its kind in the UK.

Clinical expertise available 24/7 to ensure rapid assessment and treatment

You may be referred here by your own GP or alternatively we have agreed special protocols with our North East Ambulance colleagues which means you can be brought straight to the unit for immediate attention and for rapid treatment decisions to be made rather than going to our Emergency Department at the RVI where you may need to wait to be seen due to the nature of the injuries we often see here.

Expert care and medical knowledge is on hand from moment you arrive onto the unit.  Our clinical staff will quickly assess your condition here and provide any necessary treatment before deciding where you should be transferred for continuation of the most appropriate care.  

Specialist care in a safe and comforting environment

Sometimes all the treatment you require can be given whilst you are on the Assessment Suite and you can then be discharged back to the comfort of your own home. Whatever the problem, you know you can be seen by one of our consultants within the first 12 hours of your admission.

Your GP will be advised of our findings, any treatment you have been given and medication you may need.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about our acute medicine service, please don’t hesitate to contact either:


Mr Bas Sen                                                    Angela McNab
Clinical Director                                            Matron, Emergency Services

Telephone:  (0191) 282 3780                     Telephone:  (0191) 282 9927


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