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Clinical Endocrinology is the branch of medicine that helps diagnose and treat patients with problems related to hormones. This can include too much of one hormone, too little of another, or swellings within one of the glands that makes them.

The Endocrinology Unit at the Royal Victoria Infirmary is the largest in the North East and one of the top five units in England. We offer care for all endocrine conditions, including:   

  • Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenal disease
  • Problems with Sodium and Calcium balance
  • Reproductive Medicine

International experts

Our clinical staff are all recognised as national and international experts, with a strong academic and research underpinning to our work. We work with colleagues in Radiology, Biochemistry, Surgery and Radiotherapy/Oncology so that all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and long-term care can be delivered seamlessly and with a patient focus. 

This approach is supported by our Programmed Investigation Unit (PIU): a hotel-style ward that allows us to organise tests and treatments safely, effectively and conveniently.

X-ray view of the bodyWhat do hormones do?

The human body is complex: different parts have to complete many different tasks, which requires co-ordination and communication.

Hormones are natural substances made by the body that act as chemical messengers, allowing different parts of the body to communicate with each other and so co-ordinate the body’s responses to a variety of changes. These range from stress, and illness to changes in the weather and ageing. 

The range of effects that hormones have is best reflected in the range of things that can happen when things go wrong with them: too much or too little being made at the wrong time.


The clinical service

Newcastle Hospitals provide local endocrine services to the city and a comprehensive range of specialist services to the region and the north of England, through a range of clinics. 

The general Endocrine Clinics cover the full range of Endocrine disease and include the facility for urgent (same week) review. We also provide a number of specialist, disease or patient-group specific services. These include:

  • Pituitary
  • Neuroendocrine tumours
  • Thyroid eye disease
  • Teenage and young adult
  • Oncology/late effects of cancer treatment
  • Endocrine genetics

Many of our specialist clinics are multi-agency/multi-professional, providing maximum benefit for patients.

Current staff

The Adult Endocrine Unit is based around five full-time consultants who have flexible roles with an integrated approach to service delivery and research. We are also fortunate to have two of the most experienced clinical nurse specialists in the UK.

Find out more about our staff on our Meet The Team page.

Endocrinology has close ties with colleagues in clinical biochemistry, human genetics and reproductive medicine. It’s common for trainees and consultants in these speciality areas to attend clinics and ward rounds, helping our clinical care and education. Our colleagues in diabetes run a comprehensive community and hospital-based service that complements endocrinology services and training.

Patient support groups

We have strong links with many patient support groups and a member of the Trust's staff, Martin Crosby, runs a local support group for people with Pituitary related conditions. He can be contacted at and the next meeting is on:

Date: Saturday 5th January 2019 at 11am 

Venue:  Dermatology Seminar Room on Ward 5, New Victoria Wing at the RVI.

Dr Nayar, a consultant endocrinologist from City Hospitals Sunderland will be coming to talk to the group.

Martin is personally affected by a pituitary condition - you can read Martin's story here.

Many of our clinical team act as advisors to other regional, national and international patient support groups, such as: 

Research and training

Endocrine trainee doctorsWith investigators spread across Newcastle University’s three major biomedical research institutes (Cellular Medicine, Genetic Medicine and Ageing and Health), our research programmes include research into:

  • Autoimmune endocrine disease
  • Molecular genetics of hypogonadism
  • Bioenergetics and muscle function in endocrine disease
  • Cardiovascular hormone response to hypoxic and barometric stress

Training programme

Newcastle plays a central role in the region's speciality medical training programmes covering the North East of England. 

Trainees have the opportunity to extend invaluable clinical experience and gain insights into the role of clinical team leader. Training in endocrinology runs in parallel with general internal medicine and diabetes training, giving a rounded experience covering all trainee requirements. 

Contacts and more information

For all enquiries about Endocrinology Services, contact:

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