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You have been prescribed Midodrine tablets. Midodrine is only available from the Pharmacy Department at the Royal Victoria Infirmary. Because it is an unlicensed medication, you cannot get Midodrine from your GP or from any other Pharmacy.

Why have I been prescribed Midodrine?

Midodrine is used to treat hypotensive disorders (a drop in blood pressure) such as orthostatic hypotension and vasovagal syncope. It works because it reduces the drop in your blood pressure that can happen when you sit up or stand up. Midodrine should help to relieve some of the symptoms that you may have, such as dizziness, fainting, blurred vision and weakness.

When do I take my Midodrine?

Your doctor will prescribe the dose for you and may adjust it until the best effect is obtained.

As blood pressure tends to be lower in the morning, your symptoms will probably be more severe in the morning. Therefore, you should take your first Midodrine dose 30- 60 minutes before you get out of bed and you should take your second dose early in the day. Your last dose of Midodrine should be taken no later than 5.00pm. Your doctor will inform you of the correct dose and the best times for you to take your Midodrine.

What are the possible side-effects?

Midodrine is a safe and effective. As with all medications, there can be some side effects. Please read the leaflet that comes with your Midodrine. When you first take your Midodrine, you may experience itching of the skin, tingling of the scalp or a flushing. These symptoms usually settle down with time. If you do experience any symptoms, please do not hesitate to inform the doctor. Midodrine acts by raising blood pressure. You will be monitored regularly to check that any increase in blood pressure is not excessive.


If you are taking antidepressants or Digoxin, please inform the doctor. Some decongestants and appetite suppressants may exaggerate the response to Midodrine – please inform the doctor if you are taking any of these.


As there is no knowledge of Midodrine in pregnancy, you should stop Midodrine straight away if you find that you are pregnant. If you are considering becoming pregnant, you should discuss alternative treatment with the doctor.

How do I get more Midodrine?

You can only get Midodrine from the RVI Pharmacy Department. They will have all of your details. When you have 1-2 weeks’ supply of Midodrine left, it is important that you contact the Pharmacy to ask for further supplies. The Pharmacy will normally supply 3-4 months supply of Midodrine at a time and can, if needed, post your tablets out to you. When you phone the Pharmacy, please check that they have your correct name and address.

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