Regional Medical Physics

NICE External Assessment Centre

The Medical Physics Directorate includes one of four NICE External Assessment Centres (EACs) in the UK.

The EAC is commissioned by NICE to provide independent assessment of the evidence for innovative medical devices and associated economic analysis of the impact of such technology adoption in the NHS. Scientists, economists and engineers at the centre will also work with NICE to progress further research on promising technologies where current evidence is limited.

The evaluation group at the Freeman Hospital has been involved in medical device assessment for 30 years. Our role as an assessment centre for NICE complements other activities in Medical Physics, including developing innovative medical devices.

Our EAC combines our skills in device evaluation, observational research and health economics with our device development knowledge, to offer an all-encompassing EAC to the Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme (MTEP) at NICE, and a comprehensive range of skills in technology assessment to other customers.

For further information about the Assessment Centre, please contact:

Dr Andrew Sims (Centre Director), email:, tel: 0191 244 8738
Mrs Helen Cole (Centre Manager), email:, tel: 0191 213 8646.


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