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Patient thankyou letter for Wards 35 and 20

Very recently I was a patient in wards 35 and 20 in Newcastle General Hospital. I am writing to tell you how wonderful all the staff on these wards were. They were highly efficient compassionate and above all caring in every circumstance.

I am full of admiration for this work and the length of time they are on duty and feel no praise is high enough for them. They are a total credit to the Nursing profession.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 19

I recently had a 12 day stay at the Freeman Hospital Ward 19. I was very nervous about having my operation on my right hand, to straighten it out and alleviate some of the pain, I had experienced for a number of years. 

But Mr Stuart and his team have done a wonderful job of it and everyone on the Ward was so supportive, it really put me at ease.

The staff on the ward were fantastic from the Cleaners and Orderlies to Nursing Staff including the Night Staff of who there were very few. Even the food prepared in the kitchens was good. This I know is a bone of contention with a lot of patients, this was my first major operation and thanks to my experience in your hospital if anything needs doing in the future I know I can face it without the apprehension I had before this experience. 

You should all be very proud of what you have achieved in this hospital.

Yours very appreciatively

Mrs JL

Patient thankyou letter for Ward 19

First of all please excuse the delay in writing to you, since I came out of hospital I haven’t been well!! I am still having tests done etc.

Secondly, the reason that I am writing to you. I was a patient from Oct 4th – Nov 5th in Ward 19 (Freeman) and I want you to know that each and everyone of the staff in that ward were amazing – the care, attention, love etc that I received was 100% plus.

They are the most pleasant and wonderful staff that I have every known! Why I say this – I have been in several hospitals in Newcastle, Middlesbrough and London and I can honestly say that I have never come across staff as pleasant, caring and professional as the staff on Ward 19. They treat each and every patient the same. Each and every time they begin their shift they always came on the ward with a smile and say “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” and ask each and every patient how they were! Northing at all was a bother to them. 

There were times that I saw some patients taking advantage – but the staff were always so pleasant to these people and never ever treated them any differently. They smiled and were always pleasant from starting their shift to finishing. 

I can honestly say there was not one member of staff that was unpleasant on that ward, even down to the domestic staff.

They work long hours and so hard and should be appreciated for what they do and people from outside the hospital should realise how the staff work. 

People soon write to complain but never write to appreciate for what has been done for them!

I am sorry that it has taken a while for me to write to you, as I wanted you to know how caring and professional all the Doctor’s, Sisters, Nurses, domestics etc are on Ward 19. They deserve to be appreciated.

Mrs ES

Patient thankyou letter for Ward 20

I recently was admitted to the Freeman Hospital to under go surgery for a full replacement knee joint. Following my operation and release from hospital I feel that I must write and convey my thanks and appreciation for the way my stay in hospital was conducted.

I was admitted to bay 4 of ward 20 on Friday 20th April, I had my operation on Saturday 21st (by Mr Craig Gerrand) and after recuperation was released the following Friday.

From the date of my admission when everything was explained to me and any questions that I had were answered sympathetically, through the operation carried out by Mr Gerrand and his team, to the period of rest and recuperation I have nothing but praise and heartfelt thanks in the way that I was treated and looked after by both the doctors and the nursing staff.

At a time when the NHS is being criticised I feel that I must write to express to you my heartfelt thanks for the dedication, efficiency and humanitarian way that all the staff of the Freeman Hospital dealt with me (and other inpatients). I would also like to commend the way that the hospital was kept clean sparkling and tidy.

Please would you pass on my thanks to the staff. 


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 35

My mother has recently been a patient in your hospital. After a fall at home on Thursday 13 September 2007, in which she fractured her femur at the neck, she was admitted to Ward 35 where she was assessed as requiring a hip replacement to correct the problem. This operation was successfully completed on Saturday 15 September, after which she was transferred to Ward 20 for rehabilitation. This was considered to have sufficiently progressed to allow her to leave hospital on Friday 11 October 2007. All this at the age of 89.

In an almost identical situation with my mother in law in a hospital in another part of the country in 2005, my wife and I were witness to a series of major examples of failures in that hospital associated with her medical treatment, nursing care and eventual discharge, leading to an appalling patient experience and a complex formal complaint. It was thus with some trepidation that we began our watch on my mother’s situation.  

We need not have worried. By the time of her leaving she had undoubtedly been given the very best levels of attention that she, or we, could have wished for. The commendably high standards were achieved in all aspects of her treatment. Of particular note were the standards of nursing care on both wards, both by day and by night and at weekends, and the excellence of communications to both my mother and her family, ensuring we were at all times clear about her condition and progress.

The cheerful, friendly atmosphere and the community spirit of the wards went a long way to ensuring that my mother’s stay in your hospital was as positive as was feasible and she even left with just a tinge of regret at leaving so many new friends.

There was clearly a culture of good, attentive care instilled in all the staff, from consultants, nurses and physios to helpers, cleaners and porters, for which they all deserve my mother’s and my sincere thanks.

I would be grateful if you would personally pass on to those dedicated teams the thanks of a family who feel well served by them all.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 21

On Friday, 20th July, my wife fell and broke her arm in three places while crossing South Shore Road. An ambulance arrived very quickly and she was taken to Jury’s Inn Walk in Centre. After some excellent checking she was transferred to your hospital. Initial checks confirmed the earlier diagnosis and she was sent home with an appointment for the following morning at the fracture clinic. Further checks resulted in her being taken to Ward 21 in the care of Sister Anderson and her team. At first it was hoped to operate on Sunday 22nd July but this proved to be impossible and Mr Warlock operated first thing on Monday.

Ward 21, bed 11, proved to be ideal with pleasant company, a good view and the thorough, professional and very kind staff. Through the next few days my wife’s treatment was first class and she was able to return to our daughter’s home on Thursday. At that time we were assured that all information and appointments would be sorted out with our local PCT in Amersham. This has since proved to be the case and her treatment is ongoing.

Sister Anderson and her colleague Jennifer Hall led an excellent team and provided my wife with high quality care both night and day. There were many members of the team who added to the whole effectiveness of the treatment but whose names we now, sadly, cannot recall. The Dietician was very considerate and has made a definite impact.

I and the whole family would like to register our formal thanks and gratitude to everyone concerned. It is through their care and efficiency that Shirley’s treatment is continuing and her condition improving every day.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 35

I am writing to thank you and your staff for the wonderful service we recently received at the General Hospital in Newcastle.

A friend of ours visited us from Denmark and had a fall during the night in which she sustained a serious open fracture of her tibia, fibia and talus. She received immediate treatment from a very reassuring and efficient paramedic crew, and again in casualty she received exceptional treatment from a welcoming and reassuring staff. She went on to have two operations followed by almost two weeks recuperation on ward 35 (green side) before being transferred to a hospital in Denmark on 7th September, 2007.

Your staff’s communication skills were exceptional, considering that our friend was unable to speak English. Everyone from the tea lady, the cleaners, theatre and casualty staff, every nurse and doctor, particularly Dr Warlock, made an exceptional effort to ensure that Mrs Jantzen understood what was happening at all times.

It is always frightening and upsetting to come into hospital and even more so in a foreign country, however the care she received helped to diminish as many of her worries as could be possible and we all felt and indeed were, in safe and kind hands at all times during the stay.

Many thanks to all your staff, they do a tremendous job!

Your praises are being sung around Denmark!!! Hopefully the Vikings will be kinder next time!!!


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 19

Following my recent surgery and aftercare on ward 19 at Freeman Hospital I am writing to commend the care I received there. I am myself a health professional having worked for the last 34 years as both a Nurse and Midwife within the NHS, I am aware that we come to this job to provide care and to give that care to the best of our ability, however I feel that the team on ward 19, House Keeping, Nursing and Medical staff provide a level of care that far exceeds good and is approaching excellence. 

All too often nowadays people are happy to complain about the NHS and our press is not always good. I felt it was time to redress the balance and to compliment you on your excellent staff, watching them in their day to day tasks their care and professionalism shines through and is of the highest order, they should be held up to others as an example of excellence that the NHS overall would do well to aspire to. Ward 19, in my opinion, represents the very best that the NHS has to give and I would like to offer my deepest thanks for the care that I received there. 


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 20

On 30th January 2007, I underwent a hip resurfacing operation in the Freeman hospital and am delighted with the result. The pain has gone, I do the activities I had planned on my retirement, and I am told I am walking better than for many years.

I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation to you as Chief Executive, to Mr Holland, my surgeon, and to all the staff, whether nursing or auxiliary, on ward 20, in the orthopaedic unit and in the operating theatre for their high standard of care, helpfulness, friendliness and cleanliness.

Having had several, mostly minor, operations in London hospitals, which did not match the high standards, at least in terms of environment, cleanliness and food, of the Freeman, I was very pleased that I had been able to choose the Freeman and had been recommended Mr Holland and his team. 

I have also been very impressed by the efficiency and helpfulness of pre-admission, admissions and post-operation services, especially the check-ups and helpline service in the orthopaedic unit. 

I would be grateful if you would forward this letter to all relevant services.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 20

I was recently a patient under the care of Miss Murray on Ward 20. I am writing to thank you for the care and attention that Miss Murray’s team showed me during my stay. 

As an NHS manager myself, I was impressed with the pleasant friendly attitude of all the staff from the porters to the ward staff. I must particularly thank the anaesthetist and night staff on ward 20 for their care and professionalism. I know that hospital food receives a lot of criticism but the food served during my stay was hot and very nicely presented.

I hope that you will pass on my thanks to the ward, theatres and Miss Murray.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 19

I am writing to thank you for the care I received, whilst in ward 19, my stay was from 4th December to 7th December. I received a hip replacement from Mr Weir. I know that from the news etc hospitals and staff are always being put down for the quality of hygiene, in case MRSA is contracted. My way of thinking whilst in hospital was that every member of staff I came in to contact with took every precaution to prevent this, the level of which the cleaning was done ie cleaning mattresses when the patient had been discharged, cleaning the television and the man that cleaned the ward continuously all day was excellent. I think if anyone did contract MRSA etc I do not think the hospital could do anymore to prevent it than what is already being done.

I hope you don’t mind, I do have one suggestion. Not sure if you already have this in place or if it is possible. I think the list of Do’s and Don’ts for visitors ie wash hands, don’t sit on the bed etc should be attached to the end of the patients’ bed and for the patient to make visitors aware of it.

Thanks again


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