Musculoskeletal Services

Newcastle Retrieval Centre

The Newcastle Retrieval Centre (NRC), which is based at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, is a dedicated tissue sample collection service for patients that have undergone orthopaedic hip and knee revision surgery.

Our work is facilitated by collaboration between clinicians, patients and academics creating a resource of revision-associated tissues for use by researchers.

Producing prosthetic joints that will consistently outlive the patient remains the ultimate goal of arthroplasty. However it is known that wear, loosening, infection-related complications and joint failure ultimately lead to the need for revision surgery. Revision surgery has greater risks than primary joint replacements and proves much more complicated for both patient and surgeon.

Therefore our main goal is to further understand the causes for arthroplasty prosthesis failure and guide innovations into better treatments for the future.

The NRC was founded by Professor David Deehan, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon with a specialist interest in revision and complex knee disorders at Newcastle Hospitals and is now supported and run by the Orthopaedic Research Team based at the Freeman Hospital, a committed team of trail co-ordinators, research nurses, physiotherapists and support staff.

The NRC is currently funded, with our thanks, by the William Leech foundation   and is supported by our partners at Newcastle University

Our goal at the NRC is to expand our collection to include tissue and prosthesis from various surgeries from different specialties to look at the effect of implants on human tissue and ultimately lead to the development of improved treatments.

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