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"From the date of my admission to the operation carried out by Mr Gerrand and his team, I have nothing but praise and heartfelt thanks in the way I was treated".  Mrs DE

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The process of allowing people who have had a serious injury, illness or surgery to recover and regain strength, skillls and function.

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Musculoskeletal Services

Orthopaedics (elective)

Contact: (0191) 213 7885 - Directorate Manager

Our orthopaedics services are brought together in the Northern Centre for Orthopaedics, an advanced regional centre for the treatment of bone, joint and cartilage related conditions.  We are one of the top units in the UK providing expert, personal care for orthopaedic disorders in both adults and children.

Dedicated to your care

If you’re coming in to hospital for a planned (elective) orthopaedic operation, we have four dedicated wards at the Freeman Hospital and Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) with specially trained staff to facilitate your speedy recovery. One of these wards is specifically for younger patients up to 19 years old, who often require longer post-surgery recovery and specialist care - this is Ward 10 in the Great North Children's Hospital at the RVI.

For emergency cases, we run an orthopaedic trauma service at the RVI, working closely with the Emergency department. We also run a Fracture Clinic at RVI to review your progress if you’ve been treated for a bone related injury.

Complex conditions

Our highly skilled spinal surgeons have an international reputation for their groundbreaking work on complex conditions, such as spinal scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and spinal tumours. As well as the technical clinical expertise of our surgeons, we have a Macmillan clinical nurse to provide you and your carers with all the guidance and support you need.

Similarly, our upper and lower limb joint replacement and joint resurfacing (arthroplasty) programmes are among the most advanced and safest in the country, with very low post-operative complication rates. In addition, we provide unique treatments for complicated foot and ankle disorders.

Getting you back on your feet

For all our patients, helping you to recover and resume your normal life as quickly as possible is one of our key priorities. In addition to our dedicated  ‘step-down’ rehabilitation unit for older patients, we also run follow-up clinics providing advice and support for patients of all ages who have undergone surgery. These are particularly useful if you’ve had surgery on your hip or knee joints, feet or ankles, or been admitted following a serious accident.

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