Musculoskeletal Services

Tyneside Integrated Musculoskeletal Services

A new ‘single point of access’ service for thousands of patients with muscle and joint (musculoskeletal - MSK) problems is to be launched across Newcastle and Gateshead (Monday 1st October 2018)

TIMS – Tyneside Integrated Musculoskeletal Services – offers self-care and fast access to information, resources and expert opinion about a variety of back, neck, joint or general muscle conditions.

A key aspect of the service is about giving patients greater control of their own care and making it easier for them to self-manage muscular conditions through a dedicated website –

Advice and support

If additional advice or support is needed, patients can also use the website to refer themselves to access local NHS physiotherapy and other musculoskeletal and pain services without having to visit their own GP first.

This, in turn, will mean those with more complex conditions can be seen more quickly by specialist teams who will, where appropriate, refer them onto a hospital consultant for further assessment.

The community-based initiative is delivered through a partnership between the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust.

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Information leaflet

It is estimated up to 40,000 MSK patients and 800 patients with chronic pain will be managed through the Single Point of Access service.

You can find out more in this leaflet: Self referral to TIMS

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