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Every year, we support Nutrition and Hydration Week. Across the country there is action to raise awareness and improve understanding of the importance of good nutrition and hydration. 

Nutrition and Hydration Week aims to promote the 10 key characteristics for good nutritional care.pdf. We pledge to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition and hydration as an essential part of the care we provide.


Nutrition Services for adults

Nutrition Services for adults

We provide clinical nutrition services for adults in wards and clinics in Newcastle Hospitals.

We treat patients who have specific nutritional problems, or need support as part of their overall condition.

Our services

You can find out more details about the services we provide:

The Freeman Hospital has also been designated as the only centre in the North East for intestinal failure. This is a condition which may need very specialised surgery.

Malnutrition screening

All patients should be screened for malnutrition when they are admitted to hospital and in most hospital clinics. 

To screen patients, we use a tool called ‘MUST’. This involves patients being weighed and answering questions about unintentional weight loss. You can find out more about MUST on the BAPEN website

If a patient is thought to be at risk of malnutrition, there are different ways to tackle this. It could include using nutritional supplements, monitoring of food and fluid charts, regular weighing, and possibly referral for specialist dietetic advice.

MUST screening is repeated every week that patients are in hospital.

Reducing time in hospital

Patients may have malnutrition for one of a number of reasons. They may have an underlying medical problem, or they could be about to have, or recovering from, an operation.

Preventing and treating malnutrition reduces how long patients need to spend in hospital, and helps to save lives.

Meet our team

The Clinical Nutrition Service for adults is led by:

  • Dr Nick Thompson and Dr Chris Mountford
  • Mr George Hartley, head of adult dietetic service
  • Mrs Jo Ledger, Nutrition nurse specialist.

You can get more details about our team.

National awards

The service has also recently been awarded a series of national awards.

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For more information about our clinical nutrition services, you can contact us.

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