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Eye Department

Patient testimonials

We often receive comments from patients about the services we provide at Eye Department. This page gives you more details about our patient testimonials.

Eye Emergency Department

Had to attend unexpectedly/emergency. Service from every single member of staff from the moment I arrived to when I left was exemplary. I could not have asked for better. Every step in process and treatment was explained to me and what would happen next and approximate waiting time. I was treated with dignity throughout and the thoroughness of every member of the medical staff in checking my problem was amazing.

All the reception staff were without exception swift, professional but friendly in dealing with me.

I cannot rate my experience highly enough - this department is excellent and is an exemplar in my opinion of what the NHS is about.

Mr R.

Super professionals working exceedingly hard

Dear Ward 21 staff,

I wish to thank all of the staff who looked after me last week on my initial pre-op visit, and then for my operation.

I was in your ward for several hours and was able to see the very smooth operation of super professionals working exceedingly hard, politely and sensitively as a team for the benefit of every patient present. It was very impressive how outstanding every member of staff was - right up till 6.00pm when my ambulance/taxi at last arrived.

You were all very lovely and busy to the end of a very long day!

Thank you all (through blurry post-op tears)


A great credit to the NHS

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the efficient, courteous and sympathetic treatment that I received. It could not have been better.

I was very nervous about the procedure, largely due to the problems created by my COPD - but it could not have been dealt with any better. You and your staff are a great credit to the NHS and the RVI - please pass my thank on to those staff.

Mr RR, Northumberland

Many thanks from a very grateful patient

My GP referred me to your emergency eye department following a problem with my vision in November 2014. I arrived early afternoon and was seen very promptly by a nurse who was very proficient and explained in detail what she was doing, which put me at ease. Then I was examined by an optician called Adele who also was as thorough and who also explained everything she was doing. Then by another doctor and finally a consultant who also showed a high level of competency.

I was prescribed a quantity of drops with an explanation of what they would achieve and within a day my eye is a lot better. I would like you to pass on my thanks to all concerned who helped me yesterday - they were all brilliant and a credit to your superb hospital, and in particular the emergency eye department. People who knock the NHS should experience the treatment I received yesterday as it would surely change their minds. Many thanks from a very grateful patient.


Thank you

"To Mr Rajan Gupta and the theatre staff.

Many, many thanks for the vast improvement in my sight."

Mrs AF

Thank you for all the care

"Dear Mr Talks. I am writing to thank you for all the care you gave me for my left eye, and the operation to replace the lens and remove the lens knocked into the eye - which sounds tricky!

I have now had another operation for a detached retina by Mr Stannard which has been successful, so I am most grateful for everything you have done to save this eye.

All that remains to say is that I shall always be wary of falling apples!"

Mrs R

Card and donation

Mrs O sent us a card with a donation after her treatment, and said:

"To Mr Talks and team. Here I am again with my card and donation to thank you for the help I was given. I don't get out now with having sciatica, but I keep myself busy at what I can do, and my friend and my doctor are good. So I am keeping cheery and wish you all the best."

Excellent treatment

There are so many bad reports about hospitals in this country. I have just had an eye operation in Newcastle's RVI, and must inform you that my treatment was excellent.

In December 1980, I was gravely ill with cancer. With an excellent surgeon and nurses, I am still alive for which I am most grateful. This also was at the RVI.

The hospitals in the Newcastle area have an excellent reputation.

Mrs DB, Newcastle

Thank you to the Eye Emergency Department

I visited the Eye Emergency Department (RVI) this morning. Each time I receive care within the department I intend to send a compliment, but never quite get round to it. Therefore I felt it essential to follow up on my visit today.

I wish to say I have always found the staff within the department to be polite, kind and courteous. No matter how busy they are you are made to feel valued and never rushed. The high level of patient care afforded is evident at all stages from entering the department to leaving… usually with blurred vision! The clinical personnel are supportive and engage with the patients to provide reassurance, especially to the vulnerable or anxious who may require 'just a little bit extra' attention.

As a former Medical Practice Manager I understand the importance of finding the right personnel to enhance the department. You have certainly got it right within the Eye Emergency Department – effective, efficient and empathetic!

Mrs LS

Thank you to Eye Department

"I had the misfortune to develop acute Neuralgia followed by facial Shingles over the Christmas and New Year period. The infection then got into my eye. 

Following a visit to the A and E Department at North Tyneside General Hospital and my own GP, I was referred to the RVI Eye Department for follow up. On the three occasions that I attended the RVI, the service and treatment by all the staff that I came into contact with (Receptionist, Triage Nurse and Eye Doctors) was absolutely excellent and the emergency medication prescribed helped me get through a very painful period. The explanation of my condition was also very much appreciated. 

Many thanks again and kind regards."


Ward 21 did your department proud

My Mum was on ward 21 for a procedure, and I just thought I would let you know that she could not praise the staff enough. She though they were all fabulous. She is 83 and suffers from vertigo at times and was very worried about being laid down for the procedure (not bothered in the slightest about having her eye poked) but she told the nurse of her worries and she said she was brilliant, she really took her time to make sure Mum was comfortable. 

She did thank everyone herself but I just wanted you to know that ward 21 did your department proud and it doesn’t always get filtered up to the management, unless of course it is a complaint.

Thank you from me and my family.


Seamless transition through the process

Dear Miss Johnson,

As a patient at the Eye Department, my apparently seamless transition through the process, due to yourself and the many staff involved, was admirable, thank you.

The professionalism, care and pleasantness demonstrated was much appreciated.  I am therefore extremely grateful and send my thanks and best wishes to you and your staff.


"This is a first class service"

I feel the need to write to you regarding my experiences as a patient in emergency Ophthalmology today. I was seen by Dr Sandu and Dr Masri, as well as being looked after by several of the nursing team. I was really well cared for from the moment that I presented all the way through to the final diagnosis. The department is obviously extremely busy and despite this, everyone was cheery, highly organised and made me feel comfortable at all stages. The staff were not only courteous and considerate but were highly professional at all times. I was genuinely impressed at how all the different processes involved seemed to come together so smoothly and effortlessly.

This is a first class service and as a patient, I have been made to feel important and very well looked-after. I would be most grateful if you would pass on my heartfelt thanks to the entire team.

Mr I M

My optometrist was most impressed by the results of surgery

Dear Mr Cottrell

I am delighted by the immense improvement in my sight resulting from cataract operations. 

My grateful thanks go to all members of the team involved, for your skill and diligence.  Please also pass on my thanks to all staff for their unfailing kindness and effectiveness.  I could not have had a better outcome.

Best wishes for the future of eye surgery at the RVI


I can for the first time in many years read a newspaper

I would like to go on record and express my appreciation to both you and your staff at the Ophthalmology Department of the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

On my entering the procedure room, I was immediately put at ease by both you and your staff and the subsequent surgery was then conducted in a relaxed but very efficient and professional atmosphere.

Subsequent to the procedure, I have suffered no ill-effects whatsoever and I am quite amazed at the almost instantaneous significant improvement in my vision.  I can, for the first time in many years read a newspaper and do my work on the computer without the need for spectacles!

Thank you once again, and please convey my gratitude and appreciation to all your staff.

Mr A D

"This is a good place to be"

I am writing to express appreciation for the treatment I received from all staff. On several occasions I found myself saying "this is a good place to be". Staff were approachable at all times and the two nurses on night duty were friendly and reassuring.

I regret that I cannot remember the names of the staff I met but please would you convey my thanks for what was for me a very positive experience of an admission to the RVI.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs AW

Thank you letter to Eye Casualty


On Thursday 19th May I attended at the Newcastle Royal Victoria Eye Casualty department after I had suffered from a recurrent corneal erosion episode. I was seen by Dr Sandhu and I would like to take this opportunity to leave feedback from my visit.

I am an out patient of another hospital (where I live) and I've been attending the eye clinic there for the last 24 months or so. Towards the end of last year my cornea developed an ulcer which became infected .... This seems a little beside the point, but suffice to say that I attended my local hospital on a regular basis, both to the Corneal Clinic and the Emergency Eye department.

I came to Newcastle's Royal Victoria as I was in holiday in the North East and on advice to find an emergency eye department nearer to where I was staying.

I was stunned by the fantastic level of service which I experienced from the eye casualty department. I don't know what you are doing differently to my local hospital but whatever it is you're doing, it's working and working well.

I've previously waited from 11am until past 5.30pm at the emergency eye clinic at my local hospital and I couldn't believe it when I was seen by Dr Sandhu after only waiting for a matter of minutes.

I thought the model of giving patients their medication immediately by the Doctor after examination was outstanding. A gesture which was very much appreciated by myself, as someone who was unfamiliar with the hospital.

I was thoroughly pleased with the entire experience of attending the eye casualty department. My wife and I were back in the car after just over one hour from when we parked.

Please pass on my personal thanks to Dr Jaswant Sandhu and the Nursing staff who helped me during my brief visit.

Please feel free to contact me again if I could be of any further assistance in providing feedback for a job well done.

Kind Regards,

Mr W

Patient thank you letter for Ward 20

Dear Mr Cottrell

I would like to thank you, your surgical team and all the staff on Ward 20 for the very good care I received during my short stay before and after my eye operation on 12th November. I had an excellent experience of the NHS and can only say good things about every aspect of your department and the ancillary services. I have had reason to phone on two occasions since (just to have my mind put at rest!) and have been very happy with the help and reassurance I have received. I hope that by 18th December, my second out-patient appointment, that everything has progressed satisfactorily and I will be able to fly on 23rd December, the short flight to Southampton.

Very many thanks and regards

Mrs MS

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