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Corneal Transplantation at the RVI's Eye Department

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"We are lucky to have such an excellent eye department in Newcastle."  Mrs MC

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Eye Department

Specialist Services

You can find out about all the specialist services we provide at Eye Department.


Our Glaucoma Service is based at the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) and is one of the busiest treatment centres in the North of England, receiving many thousands of referrals for glaucoma assessment every year.


Oculoplastics is the branch of ophthalmology concerned with disorders of the eyelids, the tears, or the tissues around and behind the eyes.  The Oculoplastic Treatment Service at the RVI was one of the first Oculoplastic services established in North East England.

Macular Degeneration Service

Providing up to the minute diagnostic testing and treatments for Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Cataract Service

We run one of the busiest cataract services in the UK carrying out 8,000 successful cataract operations each year.  

Corneal Service

The cornea is the window of the eye and conditions that affect it can therefore threaten the vision. A very wide range of conditions can affect people of all ages including dry eye, allergies, infections and degenerations.

Vitreoretinal Service

The retina is essentially the photographic plate inside the eye, responsible for seeing the world. If its view is lost, either due to haemorrhage or to tearing away from it’s normal position (retinal detachment), then this can be treated by a member of the vitreoretinal team.

Paediatric Ophthalmology

Paediatric Ophthalmology is the care of children with eye and visual problems. These problems range from milder, common disorders such as squint and lazy eye, to more severe conditions which can lead to lifelong poor vision, such as cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment and eye tumours.


The neuro-ophthalmology service is based within a new building in the Claremont Wing of the Royal Victoria Infirmary with fully-equipped, purpose-built facilities. We have access to a full range of diagnostic services on site


Uveitis refers to inflammation within the eye itself. There are many different types of this ranging from mild to severe. Some types cause pain and redness while others affect the vision. We provide a highly specialist regional Uveitis service to assess and treat these uncommon conditions.

General Ophthalmology

We have a skilled and experienced team of consultants offering care and treatment across a broad range of Ophthalmic conditions. Many of our patients first access our services via these clinics, however it may be the case that upon assessment and diagnosis that they are transferred to the more specialised care of another service.


We are one of a small number of centres in the UK to offer a comprehensive local and regional service for adult patients with retinal genetic conditions. We have the latest equipment and expertise to investigate, diagnose and monitor a wide range of retinal conditions.

Ocular Motility

We provide a quality service for our patients with ocular motility issues (misalignment and movement of the eye) led by our team of consultants.

Corneal Donation - the Gift of Sight

Each year, almost 3,000 people in the UK have their sight restored, their new lease of life made possible by the generosity of corneal donors and their families.

Eye Clinic Liaison Service

Our Eye Clinic Liaison Officers help you get the care and support you need as soon as you have been diagnosed with a condition affecting your vision.

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