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Children’s glasses

This information is designed to explain how to obtain your child’s glasses and the things you should consider beforehand when choosing an optician.

The glasses prescription/voucher

You have been given a glasses prescription for your child.  To have the glasses made up, you should take this prescription to an optician of your choice.  Remember to keep your copy of this prescription.

The prescription acts as a voucher towards the initial cost of the glasses.

The Optician will let you know how much the voucher is worth.

Although there is no such thing as ‘NHS glasses’ anymore, many opticians supply a range of frames with lenses within the voucher price.  Therefore you may not need to pay for the glasses.  However, if you decide to choose a more expensive frame or request thinner lenses, you may need to make a contribution towards the cost.  In this case you may be responsible to pay towards any necessary repairs or replacements.

 The eye department will ensure that the glasses test is repeated as necessary, when you will be given a new voucher, if required.

Choosing an optician

 Things to consider:

  • How easy is it for you to get to the optician?
  • Does the optician provide a good selection of children’s’ frames?
  • Are the frames/lenses covered by the voucher price, if not how expensive are they?
  • How long do repairs and replacements take and how much do they cost?
  • How helpful are the staff? Are they good at dealing with your child?

Obtaining your child’s glasses

Children’s glasses are fitted by the dispensing optician and your child will need to be present when choosing suitable frames to make sure they fit properly.  Don’t forget to take the glasses voucher.  It is also important to take your child when you go back to collect the glasses in case small adjustments are needed to ensure a good fit.

Your child should wear their glasses all the time unless you have been given other advice by the Ophthalmologist, Orthoptist or Optometrist.

Badly fitting glasses

It is very important that glasses fit children well and adjustments are often necessary.  If your child complains their glasses are no longer comfortable, or if you notice their glasses are slipping down their nose or are bent, take your child back to the dispensing optician who will make adjustments.


Children often have accidents with their glasses and, if the glasses are bent out of shape or damaged, you will need to go back to the optician who dispensed them.

A separate repair voucher can be issued from the same optician who dispensed the glasses.  This is used towards the cost of adjustments, repairs or replacement of glasses prescribed.

Although you can go to any optician for repairs, it is better if you take them back to the same optician who dispensed them.  Therefore it is important that you choose your optician carefully. 

However, if you do choose to go to a different optician then you will need to take your copy of the glasses prescription. 

Second pair

A second pair of glasses can only be issued in exceptional circumstances, e.g. if your child has special needs or very strong prescription.  In this case, the optician who dispensed the first pair of glasses will apply, in writing on your behalf, to the governing body, which will make the decision. In other cases you can purchase a second pair of glasses if you wish. 

If you have any further questions our Optometrist, Orthoptist or Ophthalmologist will be happy to discuss each case individually.

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