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Entropion Surgery

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An entropion is an inward turning of the eyelid. This means that the eyelashes turn in and rub the surface of the eye causing irritation, sticky discharge and watering. Entropion commonly affects the lower lid but may occasionally occur in the upper lid.

Entropion is most commonly caused by a change in the structures around the eye as we get older. The skin around the eye is quite thin and becomes stretched. This may cause it to turn in on itself. Scarring in the lower lid can also cause entropion.

Immediate care can be applied to the eye by pulling the lower lid downwards and securing the resulting fold of skin with some tape until something more permanent can be arranged. Artificial teardrops or ointment can be used to provide comfort.

Repetitive rubbing of the lashes on the front surface of the eye can scar and affect the vision. If the front surface is damaged, this also breaks down the normal protective barrier and can lead to infections.

An operation to tighten up the surrounding tissues and correct the position of the lid is the only permanent solution for an entropion.

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The operation is generally performed under local anaesthetic and involves tightening up the surrounding tissues and correcting the position of the lid. 

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You will be given an outpatient appointment for approximately 1 month after the operation where any stitches will be removed.

After the operation, your eyelids may be swollen and they may become sticky. To clean the eye, use some cooled boiled water and tissue.  Do not pull your eyelids when cleaning them, as this will loosen up the skin again.

It is very common to get some bruising following the operation that settles within a couple of weeks. Your eyelid may feel uncomfortable and tight following the operation but this usually settles with time. Discomfort over the outside edge of your eyelid may happen with some types of procedures.  This will settle within a couple of months.

It is possible for the operation to over correct the lid position and this may require further surgery.  In the same way the operation may not correct the problem enough and again this may require a further operation.

It is possible to get an infection following the operation.  If the doctor thinks this is likely to happen you will be given antibiotic ointment to apply for a few days.

If you have any problems after your operation please phone Ward 20 where the staff can provide advice 24 hour a day: Telephone (0191) 282 5420

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