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If you wish to donate via text you can do so easily by texting EYES77 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070.

For example if you want to donate £30 you would send EYES77 £30 to 70070.


You can donate online at JustGiving

If you feel that you can help us by donating that would be fantastic - you can do this easily online at


Eye Department


Tynesight is the charitable fund administered by the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Charity (Reg No 1057213) to support high quality eye care at the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The RVI has one of the largest eye departments in the UK outside London and has built a national reputation for its pioneering research and development of eye services. 

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What is Tynesight?

Tynesight supports high quality eye care in the North East by:

  • purchasing specialist equipment
  • funding local research into eye disease
  • funding new clinical developments in eye care
  • supporting training and education. 

Charitable funding enables us to keep pace with continual developments in medical equipment and treatment, and allows us to go the extra mile and achieve things more quickly than would otherwise have been possible with central government funding alone.

How can you help?

All donations, no matter how small, can make a big difference to help save someone’s sight and ensure the best possible eye care for all our patients. Any contributions are gratefully received and can be made in a number of different ways:

  • Single donation: If you visit the eye department there are forms available which are simple to complete and give details about cheque donations.
  • Donate online: You may wish to make a one-off donation or regular monthly donations online using the secure Just Giving page at
  • Text giving: You can even text a donation to 70070 using EYES77 followed by a space and then the amount you wish to give. For example to donate £10 you would text EYES77 £10 to 70070.
  • Gifts in Wills: Individuals sometimes make a gift to the Tynesight Fund in their Will in recognition of their own treatment or that of a relative or friend.
  • Our Financial Accountant, on tel: 0191 223 1434, can suggest appropriate wording for gifts in Wills or provide advice on any other form of donation.

Fundraising for Tynesight

If you would like to support the Tynesight Fund through a fundraising activity, please contact the Charitable Funds office on tel: 0191 213 7235 to register your event or email

Please note, prior permission to use the hospital’s name in any fundraising event is required. This allows the charity to monitor fundraising activities held in its name, and provides assurance to the general public that the event is legitimate.

The good things your donations have funded

Corneal Cross Linking for keratoconus

In keratoconus, there is progressive thinning of the front of the eye resulting in a change of its shape and deterioration of vision. Keratoconus begins during teenage years and over 20% of those with the condition previously required surgery such as a corneal transplant, commonly during their working years. Until recently  there was no way to stop progression of keratoconus. Tynesight donations have paid for equipment to carry out a treatment called Collagen Cross Linking which increases the strength of the cornea by 300% and prevents the keratoconus from worsening. Drops of a photosensitising agent called riboflavin phosphate are followed by an application of UVA light. This simple procedure will help our patients to maintain good vision without the need for a corneal transplant.

Portable slit lamp

Most patients sit at a slit lamp to allow the eye doctor to look at their eyes. Patients with neck problems, those who are bedbound, babies and small children are not able to sit at the slit lamp. Tynesight donations have paid for a portable slit lamp which allows these patients to have a full examination in a position of comfort wherever they are.

Information display screens

Tynesight donations have paid for information display screens throughout the outpatient department. These screens show patients what to expect on their visit and explain some of the most common procedures they may have during their visit. The screens also give information on the Tynesight charity.

Eye-Si surgical simulator

Eye Department is a major UK centre for training doctors in cataract surgery. Tynesight donations have paid for the Eye-Si surgical simulator which allows our doctors to learn and practice cataract surgery safely on a virtual simulator.

Ultrasound scanner

Ultrasound scanning is used to detect and diagnose eye disease. Often where the front of the eye is scarred or there is blood in the eye, the doctor cannot see the back of the eye by examination. An ultrasound scan is similar to the scans used to examine the baby during pregnancy. In the eye it can be used to create an image of the inside of the eye to see if there is inflammation, retinal detachment, a tumour or the extent of trauma. It can also be used to look at masses in the eye to help make a diagnosis. Tynesight donations have paid for a new, high resolution ultrasound machine which provides high quality scans.

Video teaching system

Tynesight donations have paid for a video teaching system which displays on screen the images from a patient being examined on the slit lamp. Doctors, nurses, optometrists and medical students can easily see and be taught without the patient needing to be examined repeatedly by different staff. High quality, real-time teaching can be carried out without inconvenience to the patient, and patients themselves can also see these images to help with the explanation of their condition.

Stem Cell Transplantation

Tynesight donations have been used to support research into new treatments to replace the vital stem cells at the edge of the cornea (the clear window on the front of the eye). If these cells become damaged there can be scarring of the cornea with reduced vision and blindness. Our internationally-recognised research has shown that transplant of these cells can prevent and even reverse this scarring and has resulted in this being established as a recognised treatment which is now carried out internationally.

Optical coherence tomography machine (OCT)

Tynesight donations have purchased an OCT machine which uses light rays to create an image of the layers of the back of the eye. This machine is used to diagnose disorders of the macula (central part of the retina at the back of the eye) and optic nerve such as macular degeneration, macular swelling, diabetic eye disease and glaucoma. This allows us to diagnose these conditions at an earlier stage, monitor them more closely and has dramatically improved the outlook for our patients. The OCT machine is also vital to our research into macular degeneration.

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