Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Medical Photography

Our Medical Photography unit is based within Plastic Surgery and undertakes a large amount of work for the department. Read on below for details of this and further information about the work that they do within some other departments.



Specialist photography covering the hospital

The department offers a clinical photography service to the Newcastle Hospitals based in two locations within the Royal Victoria Infirmary. We have a staff of 8 nationally registered and qualified clinical photographers, two trainee medical photographers and two clerical officers.  

General Medical Studio

Our main general medical studio is situated on level five Leazes Wing. This part of the department photographs patients channelled from all areas within the hospital system. The major departments that utilize our services in this studio are Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, ENT, Max Fax/Oral Surgery and Paediatrics. These departments require clinical photographs to document clinical conditions and pre and post operative surgery.

Opening times 8.00am – 4.30pm
For enquires/appointments contact 
(0191) 233 6161  ext 25224

Ophthalmic Photography Studio

Our ophthalmic unit is located within the Eye Department and contains specialist equipment for photographing areas of the eye e.g.  Opthalmic Fundus Photography, Fundus Flourescein Angiography and Optical Coherence Tomography. The majority of the patients that enter this area of our department require detailed photography of their eyes to aid diagnosis or monitor their condition.

Opening times 8.30am – 5.00pm
For enquires/appointments contact 
(0191) 233 6161 ext 25422

On site photography

Circumstances may dictate one of our photographers is required to attend patients in wards, in clinics or in an operating theatre. In these instances a photographer can be booked to attend the relevant site by calling the general office and arranging a suitable time.


Patients attending our studios can be sent straight from clinic. The clinic should inform the department by telephone and supply the patient with a photography request form. If the photographer is unavailable the consent form can be forwarded to the department by internal post or fax. An appointment will then be arranged and posted out for the patient to attend one of our photographic clinic sessions.

Information for patients

Patients attending the photography department are advised to bring their photography request form or appointment letter with them. Prior to photography the patient must sign the consent form. This indicates and confirms to what extent they wish their recorded images to be used. The categories of consent are;

  • Medical records
  • Teaching purposes to show staff or other patients
  • Publication purposes to be placed in journals or in online articles

Copies of photographs can be accessed through the Medical Records Department.
Pleases telephone 0191 2826765 and request an application for ‘Access to Health Records Form’.

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