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Praise for caring medics

I HAD the misfortune to be re diagnosed with melanoma cancer recently and had to have an operation ro remove the lymph glands in my leg.

For anyone facing a major operation there is an element of trepidation.

I wanted to publicly express my heartfelt thanks for the professional care and attention I received from my consultant, his colleagues and the nursing team on Ward 47 of the RVI.  People are quick to complain when things go wrong but my experience was very positive, the care I received exemplary.

The North East has a lot to celebrate such as its culture, its urban and rural landscapes and its people, but we should also be thankful for some truly talented health professionals that are there to serve us despite being under significant pressure.  My fight against cancer continues but it is helped no end with these people in my corner.


Excellent care on Ward 47

I was recently a patient on Ward 47 at the RVI in Newcastle Upon Tyne where I trained as a nurse in the 1960s. At a time when I felt vulnerable and anxious I was reassured by the process of nursing practice and application of nursing principles. I received holistic care from skilled nurses who diplayed compassion, empathy and respect for my dignity. I am proud of nursing and especially of the care provided by the hospital where I trained so many years ago.


Mrs S

Life after Mastectomy

I had begun thinking about breast reconstruction after my mastectomy for two reasons – to improve my appearance and to renew my self confidence. Two years after my mastectomy I was referred to the RVI Breast Surgery Reconstruction Department and there met the team of skilled and sensitive professionals who would bring my above goals to fruition.

At the initial meeting with my breast surgeon I had a list of questions which would help me make my decision. My surgeon explained which reconstructive options were best for me and openly discussed my expectations in a frank yet sensitive way. He was extremely honest in helping me to be realistic, stressing that the final result would be improvement rather than perfection. This initial meeting felt unrushed, as if the team had all the time in the world to provide me with the information to make the right decision.  I was then given plenty of thinking time before returning to discuss my final decision.

After this, I embarked on the process of reconstructive surgery from the creation of a new breast and nipple down to having my nipple tattooed to the same colour as my other one! Throughout these procedures the surgeon and breast care nurse were always on hand to reassure, answer my questions and generally discuss any concerns; I was made to feel as if the team really cared about what happened to me and that the outcome was important to them personally.

Am I happy with the results?  I had been told that my reconstructed breast was unlikely to be an exact duplicate for my remaining breast however I can only say that I am extremely satisfied with the outcome.  Every opportunity was made to match my new breast to my opposite breast and nipple. To me the difference between the two breasts is barely noticeable, I feel much more balanced and my first goal of improving my appearance was well and truly achieved!  As to my second goal (renewing my self confidence) both my body image and self esteem improved considerably after reconstructive surgery.  I feel as if the RVI team gave me my life back and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Maureen Hughes

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