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Life after Mastectomy

I had begun thinking about breast reconstruction after my mastectomy for two reasons – to improve my appearance and to renew my self confidence. Two years after my mastectomy I was referred to the RVI Breast Surgery Reconstruction Department and there met the team of skilled and sensitive professionals who would bring my above goals to fruition!

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Low-dose X-ray use to examine the breast enabling radiologists to look for abnormalities.

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Breast Reconstruction Service

The Breast Reconstruction Service is a specialist area of plastic and reconstructive surgery based at the RVI in Newcastle.

Breast reconstruction is a complex process and our service offers the full range of reconstructive options, from implants to free tissue transfer, which involves grafting tissue from another part of your body to help reconstruct your breast.

We are entering a time of change and development within the unit with a dedicated "Oncoplastic" clinic in which patients can benefit from the knowledge and skills of surgeons experienced in breast and plastic/reconstructive surgery in the same clinic.

Clinical expertise with a personal touch

Our service is run by highly skilled breast surgeons and is available as part of the treatment for breast cancer following a full or partial mastectomy, or for patients with congenital breast problems.

We have a multi-disciplinary approach involving a wide range of experts; including breast, oncoplastic and plastic surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and breast nurse specialists. Our clinicians work closely together, meeting weekly to discuss all newly diagnosed or treated patients to ensure treatment covers all aspects of care and starts as quickly as possible.

Specialist care and support where and when you need it

Our breast nurse specialists are committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality care and support throughout your treatment.  They are the first point of contact for the breast reconstruction service and hold special clinics to assess your condition and help you to make informed decisions about your treatment. Our nurse specialists also provide a telephone support service and help introduce new patients to women who have completed their treatment. A dedicated Patient Support Group has been successfully running each month since January 2008. We have also produced a DVD "Feeling Whole Again" which is very informative about all aspects of the breast reconstruction journey.

The nurse specialists provide aftercare following your reconstructive surgery, including performing minor procedures such as drainage of seromas (a collection of fluid which sometimes occurs after surgery), tissue expansion and nipple tattooing.

Contact us

If you would like any further information regarding this service, please contact:

  • Breast Reconstruction Nurse Specialists: Sue Keeton, Clare Ure or Annabelle Sives
  • Tel: 0191 282 0194
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