Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Regional Trauma Service

Specialist emergency care

This service cares for, treats and rehabilitates thousands of patients each and every year.

If you suffer an injury involving either a complex wound to any part of your body, or fracture (broken bone), or possible nerve or tendon injury to your hand, you’ll be referred for assessment and treatment by a Plastic Reconstructive and Hand surgeon in our specialist Hand Trauma Unit. We provide a 24-hour specialist assessment support service to the Emergency Department at the RVI, and have access to 24-hour theatres for severe or urgent cases.

However, unless the problem is considered rapidly life or limb-threatening when assessed by a referring Accident and Emergency department, you will be asked to attend the Hand Trauma Clinic on the following day.  You will be given an estimated appointment time, but due to the unpredictability of the severity of other injuries being assessed, and differing needs of patients, you may need to wait longer to be seen.

You will be seen and assessed by the specialist surgical team, and if possible treated there and then. However, many injuries require either formal surgery, or perhaps splintage / casting with regular review and physiotherapy.


Many of our patients require surgery

If surgery is required – we will endeavour to perform the surgery on one of our dedicated Hand Trauma lists in our  Hand Surgery Unit, either the next day or day after, depending on the severity of your injury.

Such injuries include:

  • Injuries to Tendons requiring Flexor Tendon repair, Extensor Tendon repair
  • Injuries to Nerves and Bones in the hand: perhaps requiring Digital nerve repair, or Finger fracture fixation
  • Complex wounds requiring Local Flap reconstruction or Skin grafts.

However many injuries or problems will require admission to an In-Patient ward for more complex treatment such as a Free Tissue Transfer involving Microsurgery.

Rehabilitiation after injury

After surgery, we provide specialist therapist care, and where possible enable patients to recuperate in the comfort of their own home, but where a longer recovery time is required, there are rehabilitation wards staffed by expert staff.

From the moment you’re admitted to the moment you are discharged, you’ll be looked after by one of the specially trained nurses and therapists on our Trauma team. They’re committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible care throughout your visit. They also work with our partners in the community to provide continuity of care in your own home and via your local physiotherapy department, after you leave hospital, should you need it.

Where do I find the Trauma clinic if I am referred there?



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