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Computed Tomography - CT Scanning

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CT Examinations


Please select your type of CT examination from the choices below for more information.

CT Arthrogram

Arthrogram means pictures of a joint after injection of contrast medium into it. The pictures are taken using a CT scanner, an x-ray machine, which provides images of slices through the joint.

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CT Colonography

A CT Colonography is an X-ray examination of the large bowel, which cannot be seen in a normal X-ray of the abdomen. Images are produced using a CT Scanner which uses x-rays to produce two and three dimensional images.

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CT Guided Biopsy

A CT guided biopsy is a biopsy test performed in the x-ray department. A CT scanner is used to check the position of the biopsy needle, making sure that the correct piece of tissue is taken.

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CT Scan

C.T. stands for Computerized Tomography and is a special type of x-ray that can look at various parts of the body including the brain, spine, chest, abdomen and pelvis. The information from the x-rays is recorded in a series of cross sectional pictures or scans that can be built up into a three dimensional image of the area being examined.

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CT Scan and Injection

The doctor who arranged for you to have this examination has asked the Radiologist to consider giving an injection as part of the test. The Radiologist will explain whether an injection is necessary once he has scanned the area. The injection, if necessary, will be of local anaesthetic and/or steroid medication. The Radiologist will answer any questions you have about the injection at the time. If you have concerns before the test please contact the doctor who you saw in clinic who will be able to discuss the injection further with you.

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CT Head Scan

(as for CT Scan below).

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CT Scan and Nerve Root Injection

A Nerve Root Injection is an injection of local anaesthetic and steroid around a nerve leaving the spine, to reduce pain and inflammation.

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