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Live Kidney Donor Assessment Clinic

Contact: (0191) 213 7093 - Mrs Irene Gibbs (Clinic Secretary)

Clinical Lead:  Dr K Jones, Consultant Nephrologist

Approximately half of the kidney transplants completed come from a living donor. A living donor kidney transplant has significant advantages for the transplant recipient because the operation can be done at a time of our choosing (when the patient is in the best of health, and when it is most convenient for the donor and recipient) and can often be undertaken before the patients had needed any dialysis treatment. the transplanted kidney also often functions more quickly than one obtained from a deceased donor.

Living organ donation commonly involves a family member or close friend donating an organ to another family member or a partner. It's also possible to be an altruistic donor. Altruistic donors are unrelated and unconnected to the patient.They become donors as an act of personal generosity.

Before a living donor transplant can take place, the potential donor has to go through a rigorous assessment process and have a good understanding of the risks and benefits of the operation.

After initial appointments with our Live Donor Transplant Coordinators, a potential donor attends the Live Donor Clinic, where they will meet the Live Donor Consultant, Dr Katy Jones, and have a thorough review of their medical history, a full examination, an ultrasound scan and a discussion about the possible operation.

After this the potential donor attends for two further scans, meets the Consultant Transplant and Urological Surgeon to discuss the operation, and is reviewed by an Independent Assessor (a legal requirement). the kidney donation operation is performed laparoscopically (using keyhole techniques)

Some donors find that they are not a good match for their intended recipient, but this can be overcome, sometimes by using antibody removal techniques with additional anti-rejection treatment, and sometimes by trying to find a suitable recipient elsewhere with a donor whose kidney would be a better match for their intended recipient, so that a swap can take place (national paired/pooled donation scheme).


If you would like to be a kidney donor

If you would like to be considered as a potential kidney donor please contact our Live Donor Transplant Coordinators:

  • Julie Wardle
  • Kim Russell

They can be contacted via the Hospital Switchboard: 0191 233 6161

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