Renal (Kidney) Services

Low Clearance Clinic

Contact: (0191) 213 7447 - Mrs Nicola Forster (Clinic Secretary)

Clinical Lead:  Dr S Kanagasundaram, Consultant Nephrologist

This clinic is for patients who have kidney disease which has caused their kidney function to fall to a level of about 15% of normal.

As the function of the kidneys declines, clearance of waste products falls and problems are more likely to arise. General wellbeing may suffer and patients may develop anaemia and bone disease. A special diet is usually necessary to keep a healthy balance.

Kidney function which falls below 10% is considered ‘end stage’ and at this level the kidneys are unable to support good health. Treatment options include kidney replacement therapy such as dialysis and transplantation.

The better prepared a patient is for end stage renal failure the better their health is likely to be in the long term. The low clearance clinic is designed to carefully plan for end stage renal failure. This involves a detailed discussion of suitable treatment options. This may be followed by an assessment by the renal surgeons in order to create a connection or ‘access’ for dialysis and for suitable patients, tests to assess fitness for kidney transplantation.

Patients are reviewed by the renal dieticians and specialist nurses. Some patients will choose to have conservative care and will be supported by a specialist community nurse.

What you can expect

You will be asked to provide a urine sample for testing and your weight, height and blood pressure will be recorded by the clinic nurse before your consultation with the doctor.  Afterwards you may have blood tests.

Please bring a list of your medicines with you.  A detailed letter will be sent to your GP and you will be asked if you would like a copy for your records.

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