Renal (Kidney) Services

Renal Genetics Clinic

Contact: (0191) 213 7636 - Mrs Julie Stubbs (Clinic Secretary)

Clinical Lead:   Professor J Sayer, Consultant Nephrologist and Professor of Renal Medicine

This clinic allows consultant nephrologists with a special interest in renal genetics to see patients with inherited forms of kidney disease.

The focus of the clinic is to establish an accurate diagnosis and achieve optimal management of genetic and congenital causes of kidney disease. The clinic occurs once weekly and allows time for discussion regarding pattern of disease inheritance, implications for family members and genetic testing. We see patients with a wide range of inherited conditions, including the most common inherited kidney disease Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease, as well as very rare disorders.

We also provide a Family Renal Genetics Clinic, where whole families are seen together by a multi-specialty team consisting of an adult nephrologist, a paediatric nephrologist and a clinical geneticist.

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