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Breast clinic for young people

This page explains what you can expect from a visit to the Young Person’s Breast Clinic.

Your doctor may have referred you to the clinic for assessment of your breast symptoms. You may be worried about attending the clinic but most people who attend this clinic do not have serious problems.

Can we make your visit easier?Show [+]Hide [-]

Please let us know before your visit if there are arrangements we can make for you eg providing wheelchair access, interpreters/signers.

You may need a particular time for your appointment:

  • if you need to make arrangements for child care
  • if you care for relatives
  • if you need time off work

Or you may want to let us know that you may need more time for your appointment.

You can contact the Appointments Desk on:

  • tel: 0191 282 5900.

How do I get to the clinic?Show [+]Hide [-]

The bus and metro stations are both near to the RVI. Parking within the hospital is limited and can be very difficult. If you use a ticket machine at the hospital, or on the surrounding streets or car parks, you should allow plenty of time for your appointment.

The multi-storey car park on Queen Victoria Road may be more convenient as you pay for this as you leave. There are some parking places for the disabled outside Leazes Wing Department.

Can I bring someone with me?Show [+]Hide [-]

You are welcome to bring a partner, relative or friend with you for your appointment.

They can stay with you for most of the visit, including some of the tests and your consultation with the doctor if this is what you want.

What will the doctor do?Show [+]Hide [-]

One of the breast clinic doctors or Nurse Practitioner will see you and examine you. This may be all that is needed and the doctor will explain the cause of your problem to you.

When you see the doctor or Nurse Practitioner you can have a partner, relative or friend with you in the consulting room and they can stay with you while you are examined if you want them to. There will be a female nurse present while you are examined.

What happens if there is a lump?Show [+]Hide [-]

If you have come to the clinic because of a lump, or the doctor or Nurse Practitioner finds one, it is important to find out what it is.

If you have a cyst (a fluid filled lump), this can be emptied using a small needle.

If the lump is solid the doctor may remove some cells or tissue from it, again using a small needle, and these cells or tissue will be looked at under the microscope. The results will be available to the hospital doctor in five - eight working days.

Will the needle test be painful?Show [+]Hide [-]

As all women are different so is the discomfort that they may feel during the test. Most women say that the test is uncomfortable and compare it to having a blood sample taken from their arm.

What other tests may I have?Show [+]Hide [-]

The doctor may also arrange an ultrasound scan of the breast. This test is performed by a Radiologist (x-ray doctor) or Radiographer. This involves holding a rounded probe, covered with a jelly like substance against the skin.

It causes little or no discomfort and there are no after effects.

How will I get the results of any tests?Show [+]Hide [-]

The doctor or Nurse Practitioner in clinic will inform you of the results of your tests/examination. If you have had a needle test, an outpatient appointment will be arranged for you to return to breast clinic to discuss the results.

If your examination and any x-ray or ultrasound or needle tests are normal there may be no need for any further appointments or check-ups.

If further tests or treatments are required then you will be asked to return to the clinic to discuss these in more detail.

What if I want to know anything else?Show [+]Hide [-]

If you have any questions before you come to the clinic please do not hesitate to contact your GP or Practice Nurse.

You can discuss the details of your particular breast condition when you attend the clinic. The Doctor who sees you in clinic will offer you a copy of the letter that is sent to your GP. You do not have to have a copy of this letter if you do not want it.

Other leaflets you may find helpful are:

  • Your guide to support services
  • Your guide to Nurse Specialists (Macmillan Breast Care)
  • Your guide to needle tests
  • Your guide to breast biopsy

You can ask for these when you come to the clinic.

You can contact one of the Nurse Specialists at the RVI on:

  • Tel: 0191 282 0207 or 0208 between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday – Friday.

Leaflet to download

You can also download the information on this page as PDF leaflet.pdf.

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