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Occupational Therapy

This page gives you details about our Occupational Therapy services across Newcastle.

Occupational therapy enables people to achieve as much as they can for themselves, and to get the most out of life.

Our staff help people of all ages who have physical, mental or social problems as a result of accident, illness or ageing.

We help patients to be discharged from hospital rapidly, safely and efficiently, which helps them to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions in the future.

We help to rehabilitate patients to improve the way their bodies function, and enable them to be as independent as possible when leaving hospital.

Occupational Therapy in Newcastle

We work in departments across the Newcastle Hospitals, and in communities near you.

Hospital services are based at the Freeman Hospital, the RVI and the Campus for Ageing and Vitality. Community-based services are located at Allendale Road, Walker.

The Newcastle Loan Equipment Service is based at Geoffrey Rhodes Centre .

Our services


Occupational Therapy instructor and patientAt the Royal Victoria Infirmary, we provide:

Freeman Hospital

At the Freeman Hospital, we provide:

Campus for Ageing and Vitality (CAV)

At CAV, we provide Occupational Therapy services for:

Community services

The Occupational Therapy services provided outside of hospital, include:

How do I access the services?

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More information

You can get more details about Occupational Therapy on the NHS Choices website.

For more details about our Occupational Therapy services, please click on the links above.


You can contact the Head of Occupational Therapy:

Odeth Richardson
Head of Occupational Therapy
Level 2 Rehabilitation
Freeman hospital
Freeman Road

  • tel: 0191 244 8212/31911
  • fax: 0191 243 1334
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