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Physiotherapy Services

These pages give you more information about our Physiotherapy Services in Newcastle and beyond.

Our physiotherapists treat patients of all ages with a wide range of physical problems and conditions caused by illness, injury, disability or ageing, such as:

  • injuries and fractures (including sports injuries)
  • conditions affecting bones and joints
  • strokes and neurological conditions 
  • post-surgical rehabilitation
  • intensive care or terminal illness
  • chest conditions
  • posture and movement.

Physiotherapy can play a key role to help people affected by the above issues to improve their movement, their health, wellbeing and their quality of life.

We work with people to identify their needs, and help them maximise their ability to move and function in their day-to-day lives.

Appointment queries and general enquiries:

For appointment queries and all other enquiries please contact one of the following reception desks:

Physiotherapy Reception - RVI                           0191 282 5484

Physiotherapy Reception - Freeman Hospital       0191 223 1024

Our physiotherapy teams

The Physiotherapy Department has a number of teams with different specialties, covering all Newcastle Hospitals sites. Our physiotherapy teams include:

How do I access the services?

Please click on the individual services above to find out how to access our services.

Specialist and dynamic care

To help us provide excellent patient care, we make sure that our staff are highly skilled, and the quality of our clinical practice remains at a high level. To help us do this, we:

  • have regular teaching and training sessions to update our staff on developments in their field – all based on the latest available research.
  • contribute to the development and teaching of physiotherapy students, and offer work-based placements for students from Northumbria and Teesside universities. We also work with the universities and contribute to teaching on a larger scale.

More information

You can get more details about physiotherapy in general on the NHS Choices website.

For more details about Physiotherapy Services in Newcastle, please click on the physiotherapy teams links above.

Head of Physiotherapy :

Alan Macdonald
Head of Physiotherapy
Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust
Royal Victoria Infirmary
Queen Victoria Road
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