Therapy Services

Physiotherapy and cancer care

We provide support for patients who have physical problems as a result of cancer or the treatment of cancer.

It is important to stay as active as possible throughout cancer treatments and we can offer advice and individual exercise programmes to keep as fit as possible at any stage of treatment.

Symptoms we treat

  • breathlessness
  • mobility problems including:
    • balance impairment
    • falls
    • leg swelling
  • muscle weakness or general deconditioning
  • loss of confidence

Assessment and treatment

Any healthcare professional can refer patients for physiotherapy treatment. Patients can also request an assessment while they are an inpatient. 

Patients may need a one-off assessment or require several treatment sessions to regain fitness and independence before discharge from hospital. We can also order equipment such as walking aids to be used at home.

We work with Occupational Therapists, Palliative Care Nurses and other members of the medical team to make sure patients can return home safely. We can organise further treatment closer to home if needed.

Wards we work on

Physiotherapy is available for patients on the following wards in the Northern Centre for Cancer Care:

More information

For more information about our cancer care physiotherapy services, speak to your cancer care nurse.

You can also download a leaflet about physiotherapy and cancer care.pdf

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