Therapy Services

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme

There can be up to 10 patients in a group at one time. All patients who attend the programme will have a respiratory condition.

You need to attend twice a week for eight weeks to gain the most benefit from it however if you have hospital appointments we can accommodate this.

We accept patients who are on prescribed oxygen and we have oxygen in the gym for those patients to use.

The course has 2 elements to it:


You will have an individually tailored exercise plan designed by yourself and an experienced respiratory physiotherapist. The idea is that as you progress through the programme you can do a little bit more each week. The exercises you are asked to do are tailored to your needs and goals that you set during you assessment appointment.


The education element of the programme is held once a week and covers the following topics:

  1. The benefits of exercise
  2. Breathlessness management
  3. Pacing
  4. Airway clearance techniques
  5. Inhaler technique
  6. Respiratory condition information – learning about your chest and how to spot an infection
  7. Diet
  8. Travel
  9. Where to go and what to do once you have completed the programme

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