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Speech and Language Therapy

This page gives you information about the Newcastle Hospitals Speech and Language Therapy service.

Our Speech and Language Therapy staff work with children and adults to manage disorders in speech, language, communication and swallowing.

In this section

In Newcastle Hospitals Therapy Services there are three Speech and Language Therapy departments:

We also have Speech and Language Therapists working in the Ear, Nose and Throat Service (ENT).

Professional team

Speech and Language Therapists are known as ‘Allied Health Professionals’: health care staff distinct from nursing and medical staff who provide therapeutic patient care and support.

We work closely with adults and children, parents, carers and other professionals such as teachers, nurses, other therapists and doctors.

Where we work

Our Speech and Language Therapists work in locations across Newcastle, including:

  • hospital wards
  • outpatient departments
  • mainstream and special schools
  • children’s centres
  • nurseries
  • clients’ homes
  • nursing homes.

More information

To find out more about our service, click on the department links above.

Alternatively, you can contact:

  • Jane Giles, Head of Speech and Language Therapy
  • tel: 0191 213 8841 or 0191 282 4324
  • email:
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