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"I attended an appointment at your Urology Clinic for a prostate scan and I would like to pass on a big thank you to all the staff in the clinic for kindness shown to me - if the rest of my treatment is as good I should have nothing to worry about."  Mr TC

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Inflammation of the prostate gland.

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Urology Services

One Stop Prostate Assessment Clinic

We provide a one-stop prostate assessment clinic for men experiencing difficulty in emptying their bladder normally, or who are going to the toilet more often than usual.

These types of symptoms are often caused by a problem with the prostate gland.

The prostate assessment clinic takes place in the Urology Investigation Suite, based at the Freeman Hospital. 

More information

You can get more information about the prostate assessment clinic, which includes:

  • staff you are likely to meet - they can explain the anatomy of the urinary and prostate system, and discuss your symptoms
  • tests you can expect, including blood tests (called a PSA test or prostate specific antigen test), bladder tests, and rectal examination
  • what happens next, including further investigations and treatment plans
  • useful websites
  • who to contact for more information.

You can find details on the above at the Newcastle Urology website.

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